How We “Almost” Met Oprah

Posted by: Janet on: April 8th, 2013  »  2 comments

Only two more sleeps til “An Evening with Oprah” in Ottawa! Yay!!! Greta and I scooped up tickets as soon as they went on sale, and can hardly wait to be in the same (really big!) room (ScotiaBank Centre) as the woman who inspired us to be the best versions of ourselves that we could possibly be. It’s been our dream to someday meet our idol. We came SOOOO close a few times! For example, years ago, Greta led all bidders in an online auction to support Oprah’s Angel Network. Top prize: Lunch with Oprah and Gayle King! Can you imagine? For two whole hours, she kept out-bidding everyone (exhausting our company’s marketing budget!), determined to win. Then, with only a few seconds left, a new, mysterious bidder named “Jim” popped up, bid $1,000 more than Greta, and timed it perfectly just as the auction ended so my sister couldn’t counter-bid. Oh, so sad! We were SO close! Turns out the mystery-man, “Jim,” was a science fiction novelist who wanted to lunch with Oprah and chat about his book. Well gosh darn it all.

My sister and I still have hope that someday we’ll get to meet her up close and personal. Over the years, we’ve had loads of people write to tell us how much Oprah would love our inspirational, “against-all-odds”, self-publishing success story, not to mention the good food, good health and good fun that’s been our mission and passion for over 16 years with our cookbooks and TV show. (Don’tcha think she’d freak over our Fee Fi Faux-Fried Chicken? Or Celine Dijon Chicken with a side of Okra Winfrey? Or Salmon Cowell? Or Ladle Gaga? Mmmm! I’m getting hungry!)

I’ve painted a pretty vivid picture in my head and I’m a believer in “ask and it is given.” See you soon, Oprah!

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  1. sheri mann | April 11, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    i have 2 vip tickets for oprah in saskatoon april 14th that i won from global regina news i am not able to be there for the meet but will make the show if theres a possiblitiyy of me transfering them to you (just the vip meet) i will give them to you :) … let me know

  2. Michella | August 8, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    Hi ladies, I just put your Mexican Lasagna recipe to the test. It’s ready in 25 minutes. I’m looking forward to trying it! I love your cookbooks, and your recipes and enjoyed your show. I think Oprah would be lucky to meet you, what you stand for and what you have contributed over the past 15 years is inspiring. Keep trying, I’m sure that the right moment will come. One of these days, her personal Chef will be cooking your delicious recipes, with a side of Okra Winfrey. Thanks for putting out some great vibrations into our world, and our belly’s too!

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