Janet and Greta On TV!

If you’ve been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, but just can’t fathom the thought of giving up your favorite foods, then tune in to Eat, Shrink & Be Merry…the TV Series!

In each half-hour episode, we take on a challenger who’s famous for creating a popular, high-calorie, less-than-nutritious comfort food (like chicken wings, nacho dip, pizza, ribs, and chocolate cheesecake). Our mission? To create a waist-and-heart-friendlier version that tastes just as great—if not better!

We then take both creations, ours and theirs, “out into the street” for a random taste test. From a local fairground to a bowling alley to a vintage car rally to a bustling farmer’s market, our taste challenges are not only wild, but wildly unpredictable. With so many different palates to please, is it even possible for a healthier rendition to beat out a calorie-laden favorite? The results may surprise you!

Eat, Shrink & Be Merry re-runs can be viewed on the Food Network Canada website. For TV show recipes, click here.