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Twinkie, Twinkie, Little Star

Posted by: Janet on: November 22nd, 2012  »  0 comments

In honour of the fallen Hostess Twinkie (C’mon! Admit that you freaked whenever your mom tucked one of those babies into your lunch box. I know I did back in 1979. RIP Twinkie!), I’m re-posting this short article that I wrote way back in 1999 about dieting. It’s message still applies today…maybe even more so! […]

An Eggsact Science? Hardly!

Posted by: Janet on: September 20th, 2012  »  0 comments

Did you hear about Snow White’s brother? His name is Egg White. Get the yolk? Okay, okay…it’s THE worst, corniest yolk ever. I admit it. But I had to add some light-heartedness to the heavy topic recently reported in the media vilifying eggs, as published in the journal Atherosclerosis. Basically, the researchers hypothesized that eating […]

What’s Yer Beef?

Posted by: Janet on: March 14th, 2012  »  13 comments

In response to the crazy hype on Twitter and in the media about red meat, I posted this simple tweet yesterday (in case you didn’t see it): “Red meat is in the news. My advice: eat less, buy organic, avoid processed and never eat raw meat unless it’s a rare occasion:)” Ha! Gotta have some […]

Shrink Your Muffin Top

Posted by: Janet on: February 27th, 2012  »  7 comments

Tired of wearing baggy sweatshirts to cover the bulge hanging over the top of your skinny jeans? Zoinks! The dreaded muffin top! If you’re serious about whittling your waistline, you’ve gotta kick the habit. Nothing to fear, Sister Mary Theresa–we’re talkin’ sugar habit here! Sugar is not only the evil archenemy of a healthy body […]

Get in Mint Condition

Posted by: Janet on: January 20th, 2012  »  13 comments

While appearing on Canada AM this week, we mentioned some tips for melting a “FLABdomen,” the mysterious and unsightly midriff bulge that a lot of folks are noticing in the aftermath of holiday splurging. Rather than restricting or depriving yourself of foods to lose weight, I suggested adding some foods to your diet that can help burn fat, boost metabolism and prevent cravings–things like coconut oil […]

The Looneyspoons Collection is Almost Here!

Posted by: Janet on: October 11th, 2011  »  6 comments

Hi y’all! Remember us? Janet and Greta? It’s been quite a few months since we last wrote a blog post (April, in fact), and just so you don’t think we’re super-slackers sitting around in our flannel pajamas and fluffy, pink bunny slippers, eating bonbons and filing our nails (that sure sounds great!), I thought I’d […]

Recipe-Naming Challenge Winner!

Posted by: Janet on: April 18th, 2011  »  3 comments

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since we challenged you to give recipe-naming your best shot. That darn quinoa salad with chickpeas and a Moroccan flavour must be one of the hardest ones we’ve ever tried to give a funny title to (besides Eggplant Parmesan in Crazy Plates, which is still The Unnameable Recipe.) […]

Recipe-Naming Slump/Challenge!

Posted by: Janet on: March 28th, 2011  »  12 comments

This was also posted on our facebook page… Hi gang! Greta and I, as you know, are writing our Looneyspoons Collection cookbook due out in late fall. We could sure use some creative help from anyone out there who has clever, somewhat twisted, pun-slanted brain cells. With our three cookbooks, we’ve already come up with […]

Heart of the Home Surgery

Posted by: Janet on: March 24th, 2011  »  2 comments

Did you know that if you take the word “kitchen” and you shape-shift it, (meaning, you rearrange the letters to come up with another word), you get the word “thicken?” Interesting, huh? And fitting, because it’s in the kitchen where soups and sauces and stews and gravies are thickened, but it’s also where relationships are […]

Glorie Halleluiah!

Posted by: Janet on: February 11th, 2011  »  5 comments

After entering and successfully completing a 12-step program for my addiction to Nut Thins (see blog “Thanks a lot Greta!”), I recently came out of snack rehab and now have a new, raging dependency on an oh-so-delicious treat…Glories’ Sweet Potato Chips. Have you heard of these? If you love a little crunchy something while watching […]